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Pet · Grief

Lesser Matters

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С момента первого визита The Radio Dept. в Москву прошло полтора года. Тогда в Москве их удивляло все подряд: просторные павильоны метро, гигантские монументы на Поклонке, казалось, бесконечно высокая гостиница "Украина" и огромный зал клуба "Апельсин" - они искреннее говорили каждые полчаса: "Мы не верим, что все это происходит с нами. Это слишком". А я тогда не верила, что передо мной The Radio Dept. Для меня это тоже было - слишком.

Диссонанс в моей голове не проходит и по сей день. Это самые простые парни. Самые обычные шведские молодые люди, которые делают свою музыку. В Скандинавии это крайне распространенная форма досуга. Но почему-то именно их песни звучат особенно и для меня, и еще для нескольких тысяч меломанов в России. Есть в них что-то... слишком шведское, но по каким-то таинственным причинам понятное русскому человеку. Нечто. Я до сих пор пытаюсь слово подобрать... Пока не вышло.

Далее лирика и пластинка с лейбла LABRADORCollapse )
ström musik:
Her Breast Were Still Small - Tribeca
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The fansite is up and running again.. please do join the forum.

in other news.. here is where they are going soon..


November 20 - Spain - Blibao - Rockstar
November 21 - Spain - Madrid - Joy Eslava Theater
November 22 - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
November 23 - Spain - Valencia - Mirror

December 6 - Moscow, Russia

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I checked my email today and found a newsletter from Labrador. Looks like The Radio Dept. is releasing a 3-song single on June 4 & their new album should be out on September 10. As always, there's a free mp3. Here's the link:

"Freddie and the Trojan Horse"

Can't wait until September 10!

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  • The Radio Dept. is hard at work on their new album, but will be slowed in coming months as Martin and ex-bassist Lisa are expecting their first child any day now.

  • Labrador will release new full-length albums from Irene, The Radio Dept. and Sambassadeur this coming fall in September, October and November respectively.

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Hmm so is anyone going to see them in london on friday?

I might have a spare ticket cause my friend has dropped out and I'm currently asking another friend (who hasn't heard their stuff) if they wanna go.

I'll post here if I have a spare!

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according to the forum... all UK dates are cancelled... EXCEPT the London show.
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a christmas present from our peruvian friend amnesic_kid

The Radio Dept. live in Lima, Perú (28-10-2006) - 65 MB


01 It's Personal
02 Deliverance
03 Pet Grief
04 Ewan
05 Lost and Found
06 I Don't Like It Like This
07 The Worst Taste In Music
08 Where damage Isn't Already Done
09 I Wanted You To Feel The Same
10 Bus
11 1995
12 The City Limits
13 This Past Week
14 Messy Enough
15 (Encore)
16 Why Won't You Talk About It?

alternatively you can also head on over to the media section of the excellent Radio Dept Fansite to download the individual tracks.
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26 JANUARY 2007 FRIDAY 7:30pm
Water Rats
328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London WC1X 8BZ
buy tickets here
for more information go to Track & Field Organisation

28 JANUARY 2007 SUNDAY 8:30pm
Nice N' Sleazy
421 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow, G2 3LG
buy tickets here
for more information go to PCL Presents

29 JANUARY 2007 Monday 7pm
The Cockpit
Swinegate, Leeds, LS1 4AG
buy tickets here

30 JANUARY 2007 Tuesday
The Social
23 Pelham Street,
Nottingham, NG1 2ED
buy tickets here

31 JANUARY 2007 WEDNESDAY 8pm-11pm
The Loft@The Graduate
16 Chesterton Rd, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 3AX
buy tickets here
for more information go to Greenmind
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if you could just direct your browsers to this spectacular fansite launching soon:

THE RADIO DEPT. (Unofficial Site)

The Radio Dept. (unofficial site)

It's a great idea since so many people have been looking for information regarding The Radio Dept., but that page dedicated to them at Labrador Records just isn't enough. So here's a site made by fans for fans. It is still in its early stages, but i think it already looks particularly awesome and comprehensive. Imagine how amazing it would be if each one of us can contribute, it would be great if people can help out. Links to interviews, beautiful photos, bootlegs, reviews or just about anything Radio Dept. related are welcome so we can all do our part in making the site FANTASTIC. Hopefully with a few more tweaks here and there, it will be launched properly soon.

man behind spectacular site is a cupidinous person who refuses to be named, just thought i'd mention. :)
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"A quick note to let you all know that next Thursday's planned Radio Dept. show has been postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. Apologies to all ticket holders and anyone who has made travel arrangements for the inconvenience.

The show will be rescheduled for January when the band will play a UK tour. More details of that will be circulated in the next few weeks.

Ticketweb will be contacting all ticket holders to offer a refund or confirm you would like to keep your ticket for the rescheduled show inJanuary.

Again, sorry for any problems this has caused. In the meantime, the band's new album is in UK shops this week. Check out the NME and Artrocker for very nice reviews. And watch out for the next issue of Word which features a track from the album on the cover mounted CD."


Moved to January 7, 2007. according to our anonymous commenter. :)
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